It’s kind of like when I made up the word fuckery when talking to teenagers.

Fuckery – verb; synonyms, trouble, danger, trickery; ex. make me bail you out of jail

“Don’t be getting into any fuckery while you’re out!” Or “Keep the fuckery at a minimum guys!”

Dumb-assery – verb; stupid, dumb ex. making a bunch of T-shirts for an awesome gig, everybody wears them, taking no pictures

BFE Rock Club was awesome and the guys put on a great show. Here are the only pictures I have that sort of shows the T-shirts.

I mean … seriously … There were 56 people that showed up and almost all of them had Framing Grey t-shirts on. How did I not get more pictures of that?


It was a busy, but fun night. The guys started the show with Colossus, a powerful intro that demands attention and so much fun to watch. The drums are just sick!

See it here —->>>

Another song they kicked ass on. “21st Century Schizoid Man,” by King Crimson.

All in all it was a great night. I passed out a bunch of demos and t-shirts. The party was LOUD and the crowd was just amazing. Some other opportunities have popped up and I can’t wait to move on to the next gig!

Opening for Serosia

Opening for Serosia

Super jazzed about this gig at BFE!  Seriosia is a band that has garnered some pretty significant success and is currently touring around the US. They are a rock band similar to Framing Grey. They are described as “aggressive, yet melodic and soulful,” there are stories and meanings behind their songs. I’m so pumped about hearing them live!

With Nick and Kyle off at college and Jake being in his third year of high school, it’s always busy. Lately, it’s been down right hectic!

I tend to hyper-focus on projects, forgetting to eat and sleep for a couple weeks, and then … CRASH and BURN. Indeedy, my friends, that is precisely what happened recently. The band accomplished a lot over the break and the excitement has really started to grow since Kyle joined us.

Here’s what they’ve done so far:

  • Kyle learns his part of the songs – check!
  • Photo shoot – check! (The talented and beautiful Sarah Jane Mehl gets credit.)
  • Four songs recorded and mixed – check!
  • Songs released strategically. Hits # 1 on Reverbnation – check! (Going into the third week and we’re still #1 – CAH-RAZY!)
  • CD cases created, printed and put together – check! check! check! (Thanks to Miss Kelly, Miss Emily and Aunt Jilly.)
  • T-shirts made for friends and family – check! (Although not perfected or cost efficient yet, we’re getting there.)
  • Created a form for an email list and the beginnings of a newsletter – check!
  • Practice gig at Acadia Bar and Grill – check! (More on that later … and it’s JUICY!)

There is probably more, but I can’t think of it right now.

How cool is this? Sometimes it is hard to see how the little steps push you forward, but this is a good example. I’m working on all the (sometimes aggravating) details and lose sight of what’s actually happening on the other end.

Shortly after posting the first song on Reverbnation. Framing Grey hits #1. Nice!

Shortly after posting the first song on Reverbnation. Framing Grey hits #1. Nice!

The warm-up gig at Acadia was quite interesting. Jake almost gets in his first bar fight and Kyle gets sexually violated by a cougar. Did I mention that it was the same person?

We show up early so that they have enough time to set up and get familiar with the place. I needed to make a phone call, so I step outside. I swear, I was only gone for ten minutes!! When I get back, Jake starts telling me about how this lady was yelling at him for bumping her songs on the jukebox. As he’s trying to tell me, this sloppy middle-aged blonde comes up to Jake, gets in his face and says, “Listen up you little fucker …” Whoa whoa whoa … back up little lady! She has obviously imbibed on her favorite alcoholic beverage.

I’m thinking, “Shit, she’s really going to punch him or something.” Clearly, she was oblivious to the fact that he was only 17 or it could be she just likes picking fights in bars with random guys. Point is that Jake doesn’t exude arrogance or anything. In fact, he’s conscious of his size, so he tries to be extra considerate. It was an honest mistake on his part. It was either diffuse the situation or jump in and tell this bitch off! Looked over at the guys and how pissed they were, I thought it better to try and diffuse.

Turns out, it was a good thing I did because she was a regular (think Norm on Cheers) and had been for more than ten years! Regulars have a lot of clout. She was so familiar with place, she walked in the back and told the cook in the back her order herself. She also kept repeating that she had breast cancer that was in remission. Guess what I see on the wall in a frame? “Support Breast Cancer” sign.

(She showed me her “new boobs” later. I won’t lie, had to poke ’em a couple times … yeah … we were all morally compromised that night.)

Yep. Better to diffuse.

She’s hollering names in Jake’s face, so I jump in her ear. “You know he’s only 17, right?” “Hey, that’s my kid.” “Hello?”


The guys are getting pissed and Kyle starts jumping in to defend Jake. I shout, “Hey, that’s my kid lady! He’s only 17!” I guess that finally snapped her out of it and goes, “What? He’s only 17? You’re his mom? No way.”

I’m in! I start chatting with her immediately and she forgets that she’s pissed. Kyle, however, just will not stop scowling at this woman and I don’t blame him, but I’m nudging his arm and side-eyeing him. I started telling her that they were just here to play and didn’t mean to step on anyone’s toes, offer her a CD so she’ll STFU. Then she starts clicking pictures of them and asks them to sign the CD.

She points the camera at Kyle and says, “Smile pretty for the camera.” Kyle, “I’m not pretty. I’m ugly.” Translation: Go away, fucking lady! 

Well, she thinks this is some sort of invitation to tell him how cute he is and starts running her fingers through his hair, rubbing his shoulders and generally molesting poor Kyle! I was staring at him hard, “Just relax Kyle … just take a shower later!” The look on his face almost made me laugh, but I didn’t DARE!

She was a total mess, but I made best friends with her that night. I hope to never see that bitch again. She was either going to hate us very vocally or she was going to love us very vocally. Either way, she was going to be loud about it. Why not let her sing our praises?

So that’s how Jake almost got in his first bar fight and Kyle’s personal space was breached.  Here are some pictures from that night.

The sound and lights guy was not completely on top of things. (Probably imbibing too, but, well, it is a bar.) The first two songs, the mics were not adjusted correctly and was just off. He finally corrected it, and they sounded great after that.

Next Friday is the gig, so hit me up if you need a ticket and free T-shirt. ROT Radio is going to live stream the show. It’s going to be a good one!

Framing Grey – A Year in Review 2013

I can’t believe it’s only been a year. the band has accomplished a lot in such a short period of time. Here is a slide show of our journey.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Christmas seemed like a hectic rush for everyone, but the guys spent three days recording at Prison City Sound.  I believe that we should have the final copy all polished up and ready by today or tomorrow.  I heard the rough copy, and it literally gave me chills! I can’t wait to hear what the finished product sounds like. I will be working on the CD covers in preparation for their upcoming gig on January 24th at BFE Rock Club.

It’s going to be a big show for the boys and the first time Kyle will be performing together with Nick and Jake. I have tickets for anyone that needs them. They are one of the opening acts for Serosia, which is a pretty popular band. I think they have three albums already?  Livic and The Pillars are also going to be playing.  If you are a fan of Framing Grey, you can’t miss this show! It’s going to be a frickin blast!

Check out the new merch.

The new merch!

The new merch!

Road trip

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The guys getting ready for their road trip to Huntsville. This should be interesting!

Recording this weekend!

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We’re excited to announce that we’re making our first professional recording at Prison City Sound in Huntsville, Texas. If things go smoothly, we’ll have some great songs to share real soon!

We’re excited to see how it turns out! Stay tuned …

Elegant and enigmatic!

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Emily 8

Photograph by Sarah Jane Mehl

Introducing …

(drum roll please)

Our new bassist, Kyle Rodriguez!


Don’t be shy. Step out with us and share your musical genius!

Kyle’s superpowers include:

  • vocals
  • bass guitar
  • electric/acoustic guitar
  • drums
  • piano
  • trumpet
  • songwriting

Kyle is also the bassist and lead vocals of another up-and-coming band out of Dallas, Livic. In the last year, Framing Grey has had the privilege of playing back to back with Livic at our local venue, BFE Rock Club. Kyle also plays bass for Northside Baptist Church in Huntsville, Tx as part of the worship team and teaches private trumpet lessons at Huntsville High School. Where did he get all this energy?

(To find out more about Kyle —->>>

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo Cred —->>>> The beautiful and talented Sarah Jane Mehl (nailed it!)

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Picture Day

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Today we’re doing pictures to include the new band member, Kyle Rodriguez!

Kyle is a talented musician who is also the bassist and lead singer of Livic. Also classically trained, Kyle brings a new and improved sound to Framing Grey. His bass and vocals round out the rough edges on songs that are already awesome.

Stay tuned.